Meet our Committee Members

Welcome to the heart of our regional collaboration – the dedicated committee members who form the vibrant tapestry of the Greater San Bernardino Sub-Regional Table. Our committee is a microcosm of diversity, bringing together individuals from varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. United by a shared commitment to fostering resilience, innovation, and equitable economic development, each member contributes unique insights and expertise to our collective efforts.
As advocates for collective impact, we believe in the power of collaboration to shape a more prosperous future for the Greater San Bernardino area. From community leaders to industry experts, our committee members represent the richness of our region, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. Together, we navigate the complexities of economic development with a lens focused on equity, sustainability, and inclusivity.
In the Greater San Bernardino Sub-Regional Table, we thrive together, embracing the power of collaboration to create positive, lasting impacts on our community.