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Workplace Readiness Week 2024 Image

Workplace Readiness Week 2024

Educators discover essential workforce readiness tools during Workplace Readiness Week April 29 to May 3, 2024 with Workforce SBCSS! Our resources, aligned with AB 800, offer educators videos, interactive apps, real-life scenarios, and lesson plans. These materials cover crucial topics like child labor laws, workplace safety, wage protections, and more, all designed to prepare students for future success.
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Maker Mojo

Embark on a thrilling journey to a distant exoplanet where you'll design rocket shoes, assemble flying cars, and recycle semiconductors! Dive into game scenarios that mirror real-world job tasks to experience and explore different industry settings in manufacturing and encounter local careers.
Gear up, learn, and experience the future of work in an interactive and engaging way.
Career Education Map Image

Career Education Map

The Centers of Excellence, in partnership with the Alliance for Education, has developed a regional GIS map that identifies the location of existing K12 CTE pathways, community college programs, and regional labor market data illustrating the alignment/misalignment of workforce needs with regional workforce preparation programs.