Meet our Committee Chair

Susan Gomez, the dynamic force steering the Greater San Bernardino Sub-Regional Table, brings with her a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to collective impact. In her role as the CEO of the Inland Empire Community Collaborative (IECC), Susan serves as a dedicated advocate for community collaboration and positive change. Her remarkable history of involvement includes early participation in CERF, where she advocated for the inclusion of nonprofits and community voices in the planning and implementation of State funds. With a deep understanding of the importance of community engagement and cooperation, Susan provides a unique perspective and a steadfast commitment to representing the diverse needs of Greater San Bernardino. Her dedication to making a positive impact in Greater San Bernardino is truly commendable.
In her capacity as the Chair of our Sub-Regional Table, Susan Gomez leads with a vision that embraces diversity, equity, and collaboration. At the Greater San Bernardino Sub-Regional Table, she catalyzes positive change, uniting us all in the pursuit of a thriving and inclusive future. Susan remains a driving force in community development, equity, and collaborative initiatives, and we are delighted to have her representing the Greater SB Sub-Regional Table.
Susan Gomez Headshot