Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning (WBL) integrates academic learning with real-world application to provide paths to educational and career advancement while building the talent pipeline.  The primary purposes of work-based learning include exposing students to future options and providing opportunities for skill development over time. WBL experiences, involve interactions with industry or community professionals and are intentionally designed to help students extend and deepen school-based instruction.
A continuum of work-based learning experiences can include students:
  • Learning ABOUT work.
  • Learning THROUGH work.
  • Learning FOR work. 
wbl continuum
With a vision of preparing all SBC students from cradle to career, Workforce SBCSS supports a county-wide effort to develop a work-based learning system in partnership with business, labor, industry, community and faith-based organizations, education and government.  Utilizing a collective impact approach, its strategy is to integrate the world of work and the learning process by utilizing WBL systems that sufficiently serve every SBC student.