Postsecondary Drone Pilot Training

Unlock the full potential of drone piloting with our comprehensive training courses. Designed specifically for adult learners, whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your existing skills, we offer both Beginner and Advanced Drone Pilot Training Courses. Each course is crafted to equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to excel in UAV operations.
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Beginner Drone Pilot Training Course

This instructor-led course, designed for adult learners, focuses on FAA regulation compliance and hands-on UAV flight operations. Upon completion, you'll have the skills to pass the FAA Part 107 UAS Drone Pilot Exam and effectively operate UAVs for commercial purposes.

What You Will Learn: 
  • FAA Part 107 Test Prep: Dive deep into FAA regulations, airspace considerations, and key concepts crucial for passing the exam.

  • Ground School: Understand weather effects, airspace classifications, and effective flight planning techniques.

  • Flight Line Training: Gain practical, hands-on experience with UAV operations under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Course Fees: $50.00* (nonrefundable)
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Advanced Drone Pilot Training Course

This course, designed for adult learners, caters to both new FAA Part 107 certificate holders and experienced drone operators seeking to expand their skills through scenario-based, hands-on, and precision flight training. Expert instructors will guide you through advanced topics to enhance your capabilities and prepare you for complex UAS operations.

What You Will Learn: 

  • Legal & Regulatory Mastery: Gain a comprehensive understanding of legal requirements, waivers, and stay updated on FAA regulations.
  • Camera Expertise: Learn advanced camera techniques for diverse operations, including video, photography, and mapping.
  • Mapping and Modeling Proficiency: Utilize industry software to create detailed 3D orthomosaics and maps of locations.
  • Interior & FPV Competence: Conduct GPS-guided interior operations and master First Person View (FPV) techniques for immersive piloting experiences.


Course Fees: $50.00* (nonrefundable)


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Advanced Drone Class Project

Watch as our advanced drone class students showcase their skills and creativity in this exciting project. From precise maneuvers to stunning aerial shots, see how they bring their learning to new heights.