Micro-internships are virtual interactions that connect regional industry partners with students aimed at teaching an industry-specific technical and/or essential skill in a short period of time, typically 90 minutes.
Industry Partners:
  • Teach specific skills based on needs from your workplace.
  • Impact the future workforce in San Bernardino County without leaving your worksite. 
  • Mentor students based on your personal and professional experience.
  • Bridge the workplace skills gap.
  • Build local talent to fill local employment needs.
In small groups of 4-6 participants, micro-internships allow students to:
  • Ask industry experts in-depth questions.
  • Learn and practice foundational work-place related skills. 
  • Participate in work-related exercises.
  • Gain detailed feedback on work.
  • Broaden their professional network.
We encourage you to facilitate micro-internships for students in San Bernardino County and make a difference!  Check out the "Suggested Session Tips"  document for a sample session overview.
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